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Hello World! Im ATIYAH and Im not a good writer. ENJOY! (Y)

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Ah holiday,be with me.
15 March 2012 | 7:46 PM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
Bonjour fellas.Doing good?Ah congrates.One week holiday,and i do nothing.I repeat,NOT A THING.Okay I know the exam is not around the corner,and it beside me.Yeah I know and damn!The chemist,and the mathematics thing,the biology.Nasib baik seminggu je exam,if the exam is for three weeks,okay MATI.And the PQS folio,okay i also do NOTHING.Who cares?Macam ustzh nak mintak lepas naik cuti ni kann?*okay Atiyah,kau memang tempah maut*


Bukak facebook,tgok group dorg,sume semangat buat kejesekolah.Ahh.Asal diorg rajin sgt?Okayokay,malam ni aku buat.Tak tidur punya lah.Oh holiday,you mean so much for me.Don't stop playing.*Godai you tyah.Bile nak pandai kalau asyik cuti*And for BIO HAZARDOUS,good luck.Tak payah lah nak jawab exam tu bijak sgt.Aku tak rampas lah ranking 10 korang tuh.Jawab bongok2 je.No need to be that smart.Or I'll kil ya.Damn you tyah.

Oh yes,the form five students will eh eh.The EX form five student will get their result soon so wish you all luck.And please,be nervous.Haha.Maghrib dah ni.Should I stop or writing and keep writing and STOP.*gila kau maghrib2 blogging lagi*Oh,last last.Welcome back to school guys.Good luck =.= Bye .